Tire Recycling Program

When you purchase new tires from a tire dealer, you are charged a $3.00 per tire disposal fee. The dealer must then take an equal number of scrap tires from you. This disposal fee funds the waste tire program throughout the state.

Tire dealers, businesses and residents may bring scrap tires to any of the tire collection centers in our Solid Waste District. For residents of Washington and Madison Counties, four tires are free each month. Additional tires or tires with rims have a disposal fee. Passenger tires collected in our District are taken to a crumb rubber facility in Oklahoma where they are ground up and used as playground material. Large tires are sent to Kansas and Greensource in Johnson County, Arkansas where they are ground up for use in septic fields, landscaping mulch, and playground materials.

Tire Pricing
Passenger Tires
• For residents of Washington and Madison Counties, four tires, without a rim, are free each month
• $2.25 per additional tire
• $2.25 additional for each rim

 Large Truck Tires
• $5.00 per tire
• $5.00 additional for each rim

 Tractor Tires
• $10.00 each, up to 150 lbs
• $5.00 additional for each rim

Tire Drop-off locations:

Boston Mountain Solid Waste 11398 Bond Road, Prairie Grove 479.846.3005

Madison County Solid Waste & Recycling 173 Madison 6553, Huntsville 479.738.6351

Boston Mountain Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off 2721 S. Brink Drive, Fayetteville 479.846.3005

Springdale Recycle Drop Off 1809 S. Lowell Road, 479.750.8135

For information on hauler licensing please call 479.846.3005