Solid Waste Disposal

Solid waste is garbage or refuse from your home, business or construction site.  Solid waste can include your household trash, junk, old furniture, construction debris, etc. This waste must be disposed of at a permitted facility. There are several transfer stations throughout the District, as well as, the Waste Management EcoVista landfill in Tontitown. It is illegal to burn trash in the State of Arkansas!

Solid Waste Disposal Resources and links

Fayetteville Solid Waste Disposal

Madison County Solid Waste & Recycling

EcoVista Landfill Waste Management- Tontitown

Prairie Grove- Boston Mountain- West Washington County Transfer Station Located at 11398 Bond Road, Prairie Grove Arkansas this facility is open to everyone.  All types of solid waste (residential, commercial, and construction debris), recyclables, tires, household hazardous waste, and electronics recycling are accepted.

Hours: Monday- Friday 7am-4pm | Saturday 8am-noon | 479.846.3005

Pricing Guide

Solid Waste (Trash) Truckload : $10.00 min. up to 380 lbs $48.00 a ton plus tax

Bagged Trash  • $3 per bag • $15.00 dig off • $10.00 pull off

Tires Passenger Tires • 4 tires, off the rim, per month are free for residents • $2.25 per additional tire • $2.25 additional for each rim

 Large Truck Tires • $5.00 per tire • $5.00 additional for each rim

 Tractor Tires • $10.00 each, up to 150 lbs • $5.00 additional for each rim

Bulky Items Appliances • $10.00 per item with refrigerant

Furniture • $5.00 plus tax per item

Paint • Latex $1.00 per can  (any size) • Oil Based (including stain) $1.00 per can & lb

 ALL LOADS MUST BE SECURED $20 fee for unsecured loads