District Information

The Boston Mountain Solid Waste District supports integrated solid waste management using a hierarchy of waste solutions:


disposal hierarchy


Board of Directors

The District is governed by a board of directors.  The Board is comprised of county judges and mayor in accordance with Ark. Code 8-6-703.


Mayor Doug Sprouse Chair

City of Springdale

201 Spring Streeet

Springdale, AR 72764

Office: 479.750.8114


Mayor Bruce Ledford Vice Chair

City of Elkins

1874 Stokenbury Road

Elkins, AR  72727

Office:  (479) 643-3400



Mrs. Melissa McCarville  Secretary 

City of Farmington

PO Box 150

Farmington,  AR 72730

Office: 479.267.3865



Judge Frank Weaver

Madison County

PO Box 37

Huntsville AR 72740

Office: 479.738.6721



Judge Joseph Wood

Washington County

280 N. College Ave., Ste 500

Fayetteville, AR 72701

Office:  479.444.1700



Mayor Lioneld Jordan

City of Fayetteville

113 W. Mountain

Fayetteville, AR 72701

Office: (479) 575-8330



Mayor Darrell Trahan

City of Huntsville

PO Box 770

Huntsville AR 72740

Office: 479.738.1333



Mayor Chris Keeney

City of Johnson

PO Box 563

Johnson, AR 72741

Office: 479.521.7291



Mrs. Rhonda Hulse  

City of Lincoln

PO Box 967

Lincoln AR 72744

Office: 479.824.4520



Mr. Larry Oelrich

City of Prairie Grove

PO Box 255

Prairie Grove, AR 72753

Office: 479.846.2961



Mayor Paul Colvin

City of Tontitown

235 East Henri De Tonti Blvd.

Tontitown, AR  72770

Office: 479.361.2700



Mayor Heith Caudle

City of West Fork

PO Box 339

West Fork, AR  72774

Office: 479.839.2342